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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

xchap wrote:

Pretty weird stuff.  I have equifax monitoring , and fico TU monitoring .

But I have had 8 alerts form equifax monitoring. From paid account , to a raise in total open credit, to changing in  balances, all recent....From may until now.

fico TU monitoring haven't pickup not a single one.I have fico TU monitoring since April/2010........ 

If one would have a indentity theft fico would not be good at picking it upon would be screwed waiting for fico TU to report it...That sucks!!!!!!!!

I might try out CCT to see if its any better..........

FICO's TU monitoring service (TUQM) isn't like EQ's service. TUQM only picks up changes that could impact your identity or factors that could lead to ID theft. It won't monitor your report for changes on stuff like new baddies, account changes, balance changes, etc. like EQ's service does.


IMO, TUQM is better for getting a discounted price on your TU FICO reports. DW uses TUQM for the score discounts and also subscribes to CCT to monitor daily report changes. Both go well together if tracking report changes and FICO score progress are a goal.