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Re: How maxed out cards affect your FICO

Irvin wrote:
I just made a purchase of $400 on my capital one card yesterday which i already owed $89 on. It has a limit of $500. In other words, it is maxed out. However, I plan on paying roughly around $350 BEFORE the next statement is issued, which is 5-10-07 (I should be able to pay off $350 on 5-8-07). That would leave me around $150ish balance when my next statement comes out. How do you guys think it will affect my credit score?

Cap one doesn't reort limit so your high balance with reflect as the limit.  The 150.00 you have left is the most you should  have on that card with that high blance reporting and never let it rise above that unless you can get a CLI and max it oout and pay it back down to 30% of the high balance before the statemnet date