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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide


memevertical wrote:

I just signed up for I see 3 credit scores, are those FICO scores?


I signed up because in about 6 months I want to apply for a Home Loan, and want to have everything ready so that I get approved, would this service be the best for me?


Welcome to the forums, memevertical!


No, they're not FICO scores, they're FAKO scores. You can buy your FICO scores (EQ, TU) here. We cannot purchase our FICO EX scores. The only way you'll have access to your FICO EX score is thru a mortgage lender or if you're a member of a credit union in PA, PSECU. You can also buy your FICO TU score here:;jsessionid=F3WQMfpR1h2lYnRhcMTPK5hzv62L4dL1LDqCt6D...!-1052853060