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Re: How maxed out cards affect your FICO
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Irvin wrote:
They won't give me a credit line increase. I just tried a month ago.
If i wait until the statement comes out, have the balance of nearly $500 show up on my report...and pay it off immediately (the entire 500 which i cant afford by end of may) so that next month's statement has a lower balance..will that help me? My actually limit is $500 on the card but when i look at the report, it says my limit is $0 and a High balance of $240.

If you pay it off after the statement date, Cap 1 may not report this activity for three months.  They have a habit of reporting 0 balance accounts quarterly whic I learned from expereince.  Pay it down but leave 5.00 on the balance.  %.00 reporting wont reflect harshly and it will update that month

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