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Collection Agency says it CANNOT delete?

Hi!  So we recently reviewed our credit report and found a $56 collection account for a medical debt.  It is reported under the name of the collection agency and is the only negative on either of our files.  Had absolutely no knowledge of this bill before.


So we contacted the OC and they were very supportive in our request to pay immediately, contingent on the entry being completely deleted.  They even went as far as contacting the collection agency to request that this be done.


The next call we received was from the collection agency.  They claim they are a 3rd party servicer of the debt for the OC and are unable to delete any entries they have made and that all they can do is update the status to "Paid".


I was a CA collector in a former life (before college) and handled hospital/physician collections exclusively.  I was FDCPA certified and witnessed firsthand, and with regularity, negative entries being updated and/or deleted for all kinds of reasons.


However, that was 15+ years ago so I just don't know if anything has changed.


Is there any substance to the claim of this CA that they are not allowed to delete credit report entries unless they are found to be inaccurate?  Is there anything in the current law that I can reference in dealing with them to at least establish that they can in fact do it.  I understand if that's just the policy of the CA but they are telling us that they cannot do it even if they wanted to.


All over $56.