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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

Well, I just now subscribed to EQ's Credit Complete for DW and now feel qualified to throw my two cents and edited the first post in this's what I wrote:


Equifax Complete  -  $14.95/mo  -  This is EQ's newest product and gives you monitoring on all 3 and an initial pull for all 3 CRAs along with EQ's FAKO score called an "Equifax Credit Score" with a range of 280-850 for all 3. There are no FICO scores offered through this service. When you register, you get a new report with the three scores in a decent format showing side-by-side comparisons of all TLs and shows hard inquiries for each, though the reporting if off with the account descriptions, CLs, etc. The 3-in-one report w/ FAKO scores only comes once per year and each additional report is $29.95 if you'd like to order more reports in the interim. However, you do get free EQ pulls for the full EQ report with your subscription of Equifax Complete. The free pulls also includes a free FAKO score for EQ.


It's not bad. If you are looking for a 3-in-1, this is not for you if you want to pull more than one time per year. However, this is a good service to subscribe to if you are looking for unlimited EQ pulls to check softs, detailed reporting, etc. Before I subscribed to EQ ID Patrol, but at least with this, they give you a free (well, included in service) 3-in-1 report once a year. EQ's ID Patrol only gave you EQ reports. The FAKOs are absolutely meaningless on two fronts: 1) they are FAKOs and 2) you can only get them once per year unless you want to fork out $29.95 to get a new set of FAKOs each time. But if unilited EQ pulls is a goal, this is better than EQ ID Patrol by $2/mo.