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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide


llecs wrote:

You can actually purchase both if you want to. I think you can do it at the same time (we could before). It seems like there's a checkbox where you can click on either or both. Be sure to google "myFICO discount code" first or check out Without the discount, the cost per report w/score is $15.95. So, it's about $32 for both. I use a 25% code for TU and get it for $12 and some change and ScoreWatch subscribers get $5 off EQ at $10.95/report.


The formula used by all 3 CRAs differs. It would be sheer coincidence if any matched, and even if the reports are 100% exactly alike with the same accounts on each, then the score should still vary, but only by a little.



Thank you very much for the advice :smileyhappy: