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Re: Can an individual report to credit bureau
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creditmonkey wrote:

I will have a loan of about $80,000 that my parents are lending me, we're setting up a legal loan document and all that, I was wondering would they be able to report that to the credit bureau, so I'll finally have something good show up on my report. Or are businesses only allowed to report.


I'm so frustrated that no one ever reports good payment history, but the second you're late on an account they report it to the bureau.

I've never seen or heard that. But if it is possible, I guess there are fees involved. (CRA's are businesses after all), so you need to consider that and see if your parents would agree to pay that or you.


Go to the CRA's websites and do some research.


EDIT: Basically what the previous response said, I left my window's browser open last night before his response...

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