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Re: Can an individual report to credit bureau

creditmonkey wrote:

The $80,000 is for a house, they're actually purchasing a forclosed house for me that I will be making the mortgage payments on and living in until my credit is good enough to get a mortgage in my own name and "purchase" the house from them.


I will soon have the money to pay off the ones that won't be falling off my report or shouldn't be on there to begin with, within this next year etc through a bonus at work, plus my fiancee and I are pretty much going to try to go barebones for awhile to put a good amount away both for the baby and credit. I recently applied for and was granted a secured CC through Cap1 with a $300 CL, I'm just waiting to get that in the mail. And I also have a "store card" with a CL of $500 that reports that I've had since 6/09. The problem is, the only place I can use it is about 1.5hr's it's kinda hard to drive that far to purchase a $20 item to PIF that month lol. So right now I'm in the waiting process for the PFD's, GW's and DV's I've sent out and for my CC to get here.

Sorry, i'm confused. But it's early morning and still on my first cup of coffee.


If your folks are purchasing the home for you and you will be making the mortgage payments, what is the $80K loan for?


Is it that your parents want the up front costs repaid ASAP?

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