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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?


irishphenix wrote:

I checked my credit reports before I decided to go for my first home mortgage loan, TU was 661 Ex was 652 and no idea what EQ was because they go with the middle score, so I figured they do about 640 and I am good. Then they had all the paperwork together and ran a trimerge. TU was 598 What the heck??? There is a 100 point drop from EQ and TU and 63 point drop from TU site and when they ran the trimerge???????? Why is this I have been trying to get some answers for two weeks????


Hi irishphenix, and welcome to the FICO Forums.


When you checked your credit reports prior to applying, where did you get them from?  Were they from a lender, or from another credit report/score website?


If the latter, then the scores that you pulled were not FICO scores, but rather scores generated from a formula that is different from the actual FICO score formulas.  We lovingly refer to then non-FICO scores as "FAKOs".  Unfortunately, there is often little correlation between non-FICO and actual FICO scores.


All Experian scores obtained by consumers, with rare exceptions, are not FICO scores.  So unless the EX score that you mentioned above falls into one of these exceptions (for example, obtained through the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union), it's probably not a FICO score.