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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

I am a bit late to say Awesome post IIecs!! Thank you for taking the time to research and do this write up, its just amazing!


I have been using for over two years now to monitor my EX report, actually I signed up two years ago and saw my report and was disgusted and only logged in maybe 4 times in the first year and a half, but since I started to take control of my credit and started the reparing of it last March of 2010, I log in daily and refresh my report to keep a close watch.


I know the score is not real but the 729 is sure nice to look at LOL.


I actually wanted to see how far off my 3 bureau scores were off from the Fico scores (this was maybe two months ago) I ordered a 3 bureau credit report and scores from FCR and came to MyFico and purchased my TU and EQ scores the very same day, and to my surprise the scores at FCR showed a 702 for both TU and EQ and my real Fico scores were 694 TU and 681 EQ I was very surprised how close they were to my real Fico scores, I mean only 8 point diff off my real TU Fico and 21 point diff off my real EQ Fico, kinda gives me hope that my EX Plus score of 729 is not really that far off either.


Anyway I just thought I'd share that.


Thanks again for this awesome post IIecs.

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