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Re: Authorized Users and Credit Scores

karenkkj wrote:
After my bk, my mother was nice enough to add me as an authorized user to a couple of her credit cards.  While this probably helped my scores, I found it hurt me when I tried to apply for new credit.  I would go in and apply for a loan and the lender would say that my DTI was too high.  As we went over my credit report together and I pointed out the the two cards were my mothers, they didnt seem to care.  They said that it would be my responsibility to make the payments if my mother did not, so they would not overlook the balances or monthly payments.  I hope this helps any of you that may be considering the benefits of AU.
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Sorry youare dealing with people who don't know what they're talking about.  Being an AU means you have NO responsibility for repaying adebt just that you are a user of the account.  Now if your mother added you as a co-borrower that's a different kettle of fish altogether.