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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide
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idonthaveone wrote:

Thanks for the great info.

Do you still get 3 Credit Reports with I only see credit scores on their website and there is no mention of credit reports.

*runs off to check*


ETA....looks like there was some sort of change to the service at some point. I was specific in the comments, but I also noticed they bumped the price from $19.95 to $29.95 per month. I hope for that price they'd include more than just scores. I'll study this further a bit later today and will update. Thanks for pointing it out! Also noticed a mistake on the following TU CMS; gonna move that since TU no longer owns it.


UPDATE: I just called them confirmed that you get the 3 reports and their three FAKOs (TransRisk unless they made a change) and they update monthly. I thought this was a TransUnion product, via TransUnion Interactive (just like TrueCredit is), but it was confirmed that this wasn't the case so I moved it towards the bottom of the list. Though I wonder where they got their money from for Ben Stein and for the advertising. I pointed out that their website now lacks the mention of 3 included reports, whereas it said that before, and there was no comment to that by the rep.