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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

I enrolled with Privacy Assist a month ago. I am happy with the serivce os far. I choose them because of the additional identity theft protection they do that is included the monthy fee.  They also will check varying places on the internet  where stolen credit card info can and is posted you specify which accounts like VISA Master Card  Discover. There is a limit of 4. After the initial credit you have wait four months then its  every three months thereafter.


The credit Xpert score is from the same company that produces a FICO score simulaotor tools. The Credit Xpert FICO simulator is widely used through out the industry it is simply the best. So I would surmise that the Credit Xpert score will have FIICO score characteristics in it. I pulled a MY FICO TU credit report and compared it to Credit XPert score and it was within 5 points. I will track this over time.  Also note that the reports were pulled a month a part.


I hope this helps

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