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Re: CCT 3 Refreshs Per Month starting 5/25 called CCT today to cancel both mine and my

I called CCT today to cancel both my and my husband's membership because I got that message too whan I logged in this morning.


I was told, and he went off and checked and confirmed it, that the message was sent in error to all members.  Unlimited members will still be able to pull a new report every day, it's the limited members that it applies to.  He said te phones are going crazy with people calling to cancel!  :-)


So I'll keep a hold of CCT for a little while longer.  I keep wondering if I should cancel (it's $65 a month because DH and I both have it), and I don't usually pull a new report every day now since we're gardening and not rebuilding.  But I'll keep it until we get that house, hopefully by the end of the year if I can get DH motivated.

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