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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide
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llecs wrote:

OK, I found on the web that as of May 3 of this year, TC made that change you were talking about GregB. Nuts!

A lot of services seem to be charging more for the same product or offering less for the same price. I guess we are supposed to be happy that we don't have to pay more for less.


I had to call this morning to cancel. It was a challenge as reported by others. Pretty clear there is no way to do it online. I even tried removing or changing CC info so they couldn't charge it. The phone # is only one place on the website. The FAQ is only 3 subjects and doesn't say a word about cancelling. There is no search function on their site for other info.
The rep kept trying to go through their script and kept trying to "check out" any complaints. She kept trying to redirect my complaint about no 3-CRA reports and say that they do offer "monitoring" for all three. The previously available 3-CRA reports is available but is $29.95 more each time. This means that after 5/3/2011 it would cost $44.90 per month to get the same thing that was $14.95 per month before the change.