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Re: MyFICO Score Watch Price up 67% worth it? Alternatives?

I can't speak for FICO or myFICO since I don't know the ins and outs, but I do know that the CRAs are increasing their fees to report-providers like myFICO. I use other CMSs (I ignore the scores) and found that the benefits are being cut and/or prices are going up.


I still use SW. I mainly use it for the 30% off discount for future EQ reports and results in a $5.99 savings per pull. Basically, per every 2-3 pulls, I get SW for free. Savings adds up.


Comparing a FAKO with a FICO is like counting the number of seeds in your apple and assuming the same number owuld be in your orange. One score can go up and the other down or vice-versa. The formula differs too. Inquiries count for the full 2 yrs in a Vantage score vs. FICO's one. Vantage ignores all AU accounts. IME, Vantage seems to weigh on your length of history than FICO. Plus Credit Karma only looks at TU.


As an alternative, assuming FICO scores are important, is to subscribe to a CMS that pulls all 3 (e.g. CCT or MPM). As changes occur, then you can pull your FICO scores to see how that change impacted your scores. You can also get your scores for free in some places like PSECU, DCU, Sears MC/HSBC, and other places like your lender (quite a few CUs will give your FICO for free if you ask).