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Re: CMS recommendation needed and help w/ score

OK-I will get to work on the old CA.  I hate that it's there.  I assume that trying to get a DV letter and a PFD will take some time, so I'm not sure if daily report monitoring is necesary right now.  Maybe, I pull my two credit scores from the Myfico Standard and apply for a CC now.  Pursue the DV and PFD for the old CA.  Submit those.  Then, purchase a 3-in-1 like CCT to monitor changes on each report (I believe CCT is a monthly update??).  And purchase Myfico Standard as I see changes in the reports to track any subsequent changes in my credit scores.  Does that make sense?  Or is there a cheaper method?


Also, is a secured CC the only way to go?  I didn't think I needed to do that after getting a 350K mortgage, no lates in over 2 yrs, and a 22% debt-to-income ratio.  P.S. the mortgage is only in my name.  DH carries the benefits, I make the money Smiley Happy.


Thanks again, for your information