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Re: CMS recommendation needed and help w/ score

You are on the right track.


CCT is daily (though they have threatened to change the frequency recently, but never followed though). If wanting daily, CCT is resold by USAA (anyone can have access to this product). The price is at least half the price.


That's what I do. As I see changes, I come back here. This is the cheaper alternative. However, if you find yourself pulling 3-4 times per month for a FICO score, then subscribe to ScoreWatch. You get all future EQ FICO reports for 30% off. Or Quarterly Monitoring (TUQM) offers 20% off both TU and/or EQ. In the CMS Guide, there are alternative places to get your FICO for cheaper or free, but they lack the reports. Worth checking out though (scroll to bottom of first post).


I say secured because getting approved for the first CC can be challenging due to a lack of revolving history. IMO, inquiry damage is overrated so I personally wouldn't mind getting denied for the chance at an unsecured.