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Re: AU vs. Joint
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llecs wrote:

If I had to choose, I'd be an AU over a joint user. If anything went south, then I could remove my self easily. As a joint user, you can't do that. Score-wise, there is no difference per FICO. Under a manual review, there should be no difference, though I am not sure how they'd look at it in terms of DTI. I suppose more favorable than a joint user.


You should have been added as a joint user if your name was on the app at the very day they applied for it. You cannot be added as a joint user after the app was submitted.

I don't think this is true. I was added as a joint on a Chase card three months ago, I had to fill out an application just like if I was going to be getting a new card under my own name. They placed a hard inquiry on my file.  At that point, my AU was changed to Joint on the CRAs file, and the statements now come in both of our names.




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