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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide
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nickcredit wrote:

FYI, Eliminate ID Theft site is now fully outsourcing their monitoring to "My pricacy matters" which is run by (which is frankly the worst monioring I've seen yet.)


I have come to the resolve that there is no where to daily monitor your credit with the 3 reporting agencies. I find that fact amazingly frustrating. In this day in age we can't see what the credit reporting agencies are doing with our personal infomation? The inability to be able to see my credit report daily blows my mind. 


I give up.

I've been using EID for quite a while - over a year? or so? As long as I have had them, they have always worked through MPM.  You actually log in twice.

As far as credit report monitoring, they do fine.  I can check mine daily, if I choose to.

It's not as quick a log-in as one would wish for (certainly!) but once you are accustomed to it, I can log in and see a new report updated for all 3 CRA's in a minute or two.  And again - daily, if I wished to.


ETA:  Just, of course, ignore the ridiculous credit scores and the advice that accompanies them.

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