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Re: AU vs. Joint

haulingthescoreup wrote:

MHCali wrote:

Hey Scott,


llecs is probably right about no score difference between being AU or Joint, but do you know if when getting a mortgage pre-approval that the manual review would look better with a joint account. If so I'd have to dispute because even though I'm a joint account holder, the bureaus still haven't updated my report as joint.  Thanks to llecs and scott.

PS-I know this may seem trivial, but I don't like disputing things anymore if I don't have to.

And you are absolutely certain that you are a joint account holder, rather than an AU? You filled out an application, and you have a hard inquiry from Chase on your report(s)?


Sorry, not to sound like I'm doubting you, but this gets bobbled a lot. :smileytongue:

While not on a Chase card, I was added as a joint cardholder on my DH's CFNA/Firestone card a year after he opened it.  They sent me a paper asking if I wanted to be an AU (no liability) or a Joint Card Holder (liability), didn't get any kind of hard or soft pull and was added as a joint holder.  So while I think it's rare, this can happen. 

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