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Re: myFICO vs. Lender Pulled Scores

AquaCredit wrote:

Sounds like the FICO is now a FAKO. Since there are so many FICO's, you really never know which one is real.


I'm going to start pushing my US Senator. This is completely bizarre that our entire banking and credit industry is designed around a system that is not easily understood or accessed by the consumer.


The fact you only get one credit bureau copy a year is wrong. It's your private information. It should be protected and yours to access at any time. The fact you can only get your score from a lender is wrong. The fact that there are so many different scores is wrong.

There is a good reason for that. It was designed for lenders. The credit reporting agencies...FICO...their customers are the lenders. Not us. It's taken many years and many federal laws to get us to where we are at today in terms of transparency with the CRAs and FICO.

Ex: 657 (fico lender pull)
Tu: 666 fico
Eq: 641 fico