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Re: Dealership have permissible purpose for credit pull?

MissSilence wrote:

In March 2011 I went to a Texas car dealership filled out a credit app and purchased a used car which was financed thru a big well known bank.


In February 2012 one afternoon I got a phone call from the salesman that sold me that car saying I just wanted to call you about your recent credit app to buy a car.  I asked who he was and why he was calling me because I had not filled out any apps.  He told me his name and where he worked I then recognized him as he has a very distinctive name.  He then starts in with ohhhh I see you made this app last year I just ran across it...My bad.  Well hows that car working out for you, you know we have some really nice cars on the lot right now you should come take a look.  I told him I wasn't interested in buying another car I was happy with the one I had gotten.  He then says well don't you have an older car too?  Yes I do its 5 yrs old with less than 40k miles on it I have no desire to replace it.  He still continued to push for me to come see his cars. I then told him I was not was not wanting to purchase a car, I am not going to come look at any cars do not be pulling my credit.  I then hung up on him.


Yesterday I pulled all my reports like I do every spring and guess what there is a hard inquiry from this dealership dated 2/21/12 for a car loan.


Did this dealership have a valid reason to pull my credit this February?  

Personally I don't buy his excuse that oh I just ran across your app (that is basically a year old)  I seriously doubt he has paperwork that old laying around on his desk.  I think he was just trying to sell another car.



I would say that they absolutely did not have permissible purpose to do this.    If you really want to push it send them a FCRA non~PP letter demanding that they remove the inquiry from your reports.


It is absurd to tell someone that they "just found your app" a year later.   Obviously they are trying to sell cars and hitting up previous customers is one way to do it, but pulling your credit a year later is ridiculous.



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