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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

Tw1stedDNA wrote:

Thanks for the prompt reply. So you recommend USAA over myFico SW even though USAA is not Fico?

Well, you really can't compare the two.  USAA is way better for credit monitoring because it monitors all three bureaus and you can manually pull daily.


SW will give you a FICO score yes, but you pay monthly but you are only allowed 2 pulls per year.  If you set your alert score to the current score, you will get an alert with any new FICO score if there is a change, but that is it.  You won't be able to see the report and why it changed.  Plus, keep in mind SW only monitors and gets the score from EQ, while USAA monitors all 3.


Here is what I do.  I use USAA to keep an eye on all three reports.  Most of the time, your score doesn't matter.  Knowing the information on your report, specifically changes is most important.  When I want to apply for something, I buy my FICO score so I will have an idea going in where I stand.  It is my personal belief that there is way more value in monitoring the content of your report regularly than the score.

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