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Re: Credit Monitoring Service (CMS) Guide

delayedinsanity wrote:

jimbo831 wrote:
No, USAA is available for anyone.  You can sign up for a partial membership without any military affiliation.  To use their CMS, you do not need full membership.  Anyone can sign up for the USAA CMS.  IMO, this is far and away the best service.  3 bureau monitoring for only $12.25 along with unlimited daily pulls.  It can't be beat.

Are you sure? Maybe you had a relative that was in the military? I just attempted to sign up in order to attain the credit monitoring and was actually told by the system that I was denied and that I should have a "parent or legal guardian call us to complete your request". I'm pretty sure I gave you my birthdate... so maybe your system assumes all 30 somethings live at home in their parents basement still? I suppose in this day and age....


Yes, I am 100% sure.  If I had a relative that was in the military, USAA would only know if I told them, and they never asked.  The message you got is not a denial for no military affiliation.  It sounds like you are either under 18, or put in the wrong birthdate so it thought you were under 18.  Also, you didn't give ME your birthdate and it isn't MY system.  I am in no way affiliated with USAA.  If I were you, I would call them to find out what happened, but I would bet money that you put in a birthdate that would indicate you are under 18.

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