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Re: ALL 3 fico scores one site , Road to 850 aka

Lambo23 wrote:

I have been a part of and owner of many, many websites in which I have made myself or helped design them in some way and to me, this website being talked about looks really sketchy. It looks like it was thrown together in a premade wordpress layout. :smileylol: Not to say that it's not legit, but I would really be careful with this website! Be careful who you are giving your information too!


more info:

if you do a quick search of the domain on, it shows you information about the owner of the domain. It looks like whoever bought the domain also is apart of 


These two websites give me the "steal your identity" vibe. They just look poorly thrown together and usually that is not a good thing. Just my .02 though.

I am co-opting this opinion -- there is no way a legitimate website would use such a generic wordpress theme. There is no possible way this website is legit. How can a site that isn't working already have a testimonial? Typos? Bad Grammar?


I have also purchased or run dozens of wordpress blogs/websites in my day. This site doesn't appear to be on par with any of the other credit websites out there in regards to functionallity. In fact, almost every site that needs any high processing or databasing has already abandoned wordpress for another back-engine.



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