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Re: ALL 3 fico scores one site , Road to 850 aka

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This was the message from the CEO of the company that owns the new website.  I have removed the name of the company with "US" and changed the initials of the website to "OUR SITE" to hopefully not violate the TOS here.  What is transpiring is important because is confirms what I thought when I first found out what this website was trying to do.    


"The automatic system was ready to launch in February 2012. Unfortunately, the major credit bureaus and FICO® have countered to stop the information found on OUR SITE from being disseminated. This system is currently suspended. They have falsely accused US of being a “credit repair” company, and have even asked US to use their “education, non-lender” credit scores." 


The CRA's and Fair Isaac make hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars on their consumer purchased credit reporting business segments.  EX, EQ and TU through their duping of the general public into buying their useless PLUS scores, and Fair Isaac through it's virtual monopoly of the only place to provide two of the three FICO scores and reports to consumers.  It's a true David and Goliath situation at play, and us consumers get the shaft yet again.  Imagine that...Smiley Mad 

I was definitely disappointed yesterday when I signed up, Hell, I was pissed. But, I don't think this is a scam. I DO believe that their intent was to do something monumental to help the consumer with credit issues. That being said, I will continue to use the service, because I need that extra info that I cannot get here. Don't get me wrong, this site is extremely helpful. However, I need a little more than YMMV. I have purchased "The Road to 850" and have gotten some great verifiable information. So all is not lost! I've decided work with what I have. The email stated they did have additional changes coming. As always, when you start to affect someone's wallet, they attack!

I have the book, too, and I'm seriously considering signing up under the discount even if it is just for advice right now.  Like you, I'm hopeful that eventually they could offer the scores like they'd planned.  But, based on the email I'm not too hopeful that they'll be able to overcome the significant push-back they're getting. 


However, if nothing else it shows how enmeshed the CRA and FICO are if they are actually fighting to keep people from getting this information.  It's obviously about financial gain for them, and very much anti-consumer

I totally agree.  It's like politics.  If the guy running against you is the better opponent with the better message and the better plan, how to you beat him?  Just do everything you can to discredit or obstruct his campaign.  That is what is going on here.  I would absolutely love to see a class action lawsuit to put an end to this crap.


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