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Re: ALL 3 fico scores one site , Road to 850 aka

kjm79 wrote:

TNTransplant wrote:


However, if nothing else it shows how enmeshed the CRA and FICO are if they are actually fighting to keep people from getting this information.  It's obviously about financial gain for them, and very much anti-consumer. 

I have to disagree on JUST one point.  Even when this site gets the scores portion up and running, they have to get the score from FICO who would make money from MCP.  So what's FICO's motivation for fighting it's launch?  CRA's I can totally see.  They'd lose out on the money they make selling their worthless scores.  But what reason would FICO have to keep MCP down? 


I agree with you to a certain extent; it doesn't logically make sense.  However, based on the email sent and the website's message, it does appear there was some "behind the scenes" maneuvering to keep this site from offering all three scores.  


As far as your question goes about FICO keeping them down, I can't answer that definitively.  The email does reference both the CRAs and FICO making accusations of that site engaging in credit repair as the basis for their opposition.  And as you well know from being a member of this site, illegitimate credit repair discussion is not something that is tolerated.   In this entire thread (read by moderators and other posters much more knowledgeable than I), I have never seen a reference to the new website doing something like this.  So, if this was their argument then why?  I can only believe that it would harm them ALL financially in some way.


As a consumer, I’m just frustrated.  We are already restricted in the amount of access we have to current scores, and I honestly don’t think this is all on the CRAs.  If the agency in question could provide current/relevant scores from all three CRAs, ultimately the consumer would be empowered even more.  Maybe it’s just conspiracy theory thinking on my part, but in my job I’ve become fairly proficient at reading between the lines, and something just doesn’t pass muster here.  


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