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Re: ALL 3 fico scores one site , Road to 850 aka
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I can see the CRA's being afraid of this site.  Logically, FICO stands to bring in more money by making its scores available to MCP.  It could be something similar to the EX/myFICO debacle and a fight over much to pay to access the scores.  MCP has to have agreements with all the CRA's and FICO to access their information, maybe the devil is in the details and they just can't come to an agreement on the terms. 


I saw that the email said FICO was involved, and I don't necessarily discount that.  But just because someone says something or puts in in writing doesn't make it true.  The other day there was a post on here that stated someone was told by an EQ CSR that myFICO is a third-party site and they couldn't rely on its scores.  And that you could only get the EQ score from EQ.  And again, it could be just a matter of being at opposite ends of the table as far as the agreements go.  I've seen business deals get prolonged by years because the parties don't agree on ONE detail. 


I'm right there with you on the being a frustrated consumer.  I believe we should have access to all the different FICOs out there, I'm even willing to pay for them as needed.  FICO is after all a business with a product I want.  But having to jump through hoops or apply for credit you KNOW you'll get denied for just to get your scores is ridiculous.  The first step in updating the system would be to make all the scores available to consumers.  In my career field, I've also become very adept in reading between the lines.  I also have learned to not follow the rabbit to far down the hole.  There's MCP's side to this story, there's the CRA's side to this story, there's FICO's side to this story, and there's also the true side to the story.  I also have been looking forward to this site's score launch, not the repair stuff.  And I honestly don't see the problem with them offering repair advice as well as scores.  Same rules that apply here would obviously need to be applied there on the legitimacy of the repair advice of course.  There's definitely more to the story. 


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