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Re: ALL 3 fico scores one site , Road to 850 aka
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FICO score availability aside, my complaint is the site claims to be "not for profit:"


<Our Company Name> is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited 501(c)(3)nonprofit (HUD-Approved) credit counseling agency which has helped thousands of individuals and families across the income spectrum expand their personal financial capability.


But I wouldn't say that's reflected in their prices, which I found to be pretty astronomical (the discount got them to closer to where they should be in the first place, imho).


Further, they go on to say the dispute is because they were accused of being a "credit repair company:"


They have falsely accused <Our Company> of being a “credit repair” company, and have even asked <Our Company> to use their “education, non-lender” credit scores.


But BBB states the parent company is, on top of an A+ rating (they're doing something right):


Business Category

Credit - Debt Consolidation Services, Financial Planning and Management Consultants, Bankruptcy Assistance Companies, Credit and Debt Consultants, Financial Services, Credit Services


Please don't misunderstand me, I'm rooting for the service; I think it would be a great (and profitable) product that's good for people, but I don't think it's fair to blame any single company here; collectively, they're failing consumers.


FICO scores are not free for a reason; they're a proprietary information analysis, I have no problem paying a reasonable fee for mine, as the site we're on does a fine service with (EX... hint hint...) That said, I think there is a palpable demand for what the above site is trying to offer, and it's a shame that the red tape interferes with the market. Meh, I'll move on with my life Smiley Happy




EDIT: Couple of changes to above and tried to clarify my point, if there is one.

"Credit is purely a cash flow tool. Thinking of credit as extra money you didn't have before makes it an EXPENSIVE cash flow tool."