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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

bigeasy wrote:

Can someone please provide the 3 websites to go to to recieve the 3 different scores. Thanks.

There are two type of credit scores: FICO scores and everyone else (we call these FAKOs). Everyone it seems offers credit scores but virtually none of them are FICOs. Places like creditkarma, freecreditscore, smartcredit, privacyguard, quizzle, truecredit,, identityguard,,,,, and hundreds of other places offer scores but they aren't FICOs.


The places to get your FICOs are very limited:


You can buy your Equifax FICO from,, or from your lender.


You can buy your TransUnion FICO from or from your lender.


You cannot buy your Experian FICO from anywhere. At one point you could buy it from myFICO, as indicated in OP's first post, but as of a few years ago, Experian blocked access to your own EX FICO.


Finally, there are a small handful of banks and CUs that offer FICO scores as part of a benefit or service. For example you can get your EQ FICO from Digital Credit Union, Unitus Community Credit Union, M&T Bank, and some others. You can get your TU FICO from Wal-MArt if you happen to have one of their CCs. Finally, you can get your EX FICO from a CU called PSECU. There are others out there so check with your local CU to see if this is an option.