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Re: Quizzle vs FICO

JPersat wrote:
I did the whole quizzle thing (quicken loans) and it gave me a 617. When a lender pulled my FICO score she said it was at a 565. Why the big difference?

Hello and welcome.


The score you get from Quizzle is not a FICO score. It's what we call a FAKO (or non-FICO) and is therefore worthless. The lender has access to all true FICO scores. From the CMS Guide here onsite:  -  FREE to $25.00/mo  -  FAKO (CE Score)  -  There is a free aspect to this service where you can pull your EX report and FAKO twice each year, as weell as have the ability to pull extra EX reports at $7/each. As an add-on, you can subscribe to their monitoring service starting at $15/mo called "Level One". Under this plan, you can pull a new report and score monthly and it provides monitoring of your EX report. For $25/mo, you have access to "Level Two" which includes the same as Level One but adds in ID theft insurance. The FAKO score offered is called a “CE Score” and developed by CE Analytics.  Updated 2/23/2012