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Equifax doesn't have my SSN on file?
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I've never been able to access my Equifax credit report, and a few days ago I finally learned why.


I can check my TransUnion and Experion credit reports perfectly fine, however, I always receive a message saying they were unable to verify my identity whenever I tried ordering my Equifax credit report or viewing my Equifax FICO score.  After contacting myFICO's customer service, they told me the SSN I had on file wasn't matching up with the SSN Equifax had on file. I thought this was quite strange, since I knew for a fact it was correct (seeing as I could order my TransUnion FICO score just fine).


After calling Equifax, they told me apparently they didn't have my SSN on my credit report, or associated with me, which I found extremely odd.  Either way, I was told to fax in documentation so they could update my information, which is what I did (currently waiting to hear back from them).


Main question: After they update my SSN, will I be able to access my credit report like normal, or will I still have issues? Secondly, and even more importantly, will I have any history on my Equifax credit report once I do have access to it?  I only have one credit card and it has been reporting to all 3 credit agencies, however, was the credit card company even able to report to Equifax seeing as I apparently never had a file with them?  Will they "back date" or "back log" my history and add it to the new report, or has the credit card company been able to report just fine, and I just haven't been able to see it?


I'm a bit new to the whole credit scene (19 years of age), but I'm very interested in making sure I do things right now when I'm young and just starting, than having to fix problems later on.


Thanks in advance for any help!