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Re: Equifax doesn't have my SSN on file?
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Thanks for  the replies.


I have already contacted my CCC, and they told me they do report to all 3 CRAs.


I just pulled both my TU and EX reports and scores today (EX from score and TU from here/FICO).  I've never had a problem pulling from those 2 CRAs, and everything is up to date and accurate.  My EX report actually shows my current CC balance, so it appears my CCC apparently reports to them multiple times within the month, and not just strictly at the end of each billing cycle (I don't know, not important anyways).


I faxed EQ the info they requested, and I've already contacted them twice and they tell me, please wait 10 business days before asking, so I guess I'm just playing the waiting game now.  They told me I should receive an email once they process my fax and update my SSN on my credit file, so I'm hoping I actually do and not hear a "we never received a fax" response, or I just wasted 2 weeks.


I'm assuming once they update my SSN I should be able to access my EQ report and score (for the first time ever), and then I can see for myself if my CCC really has been reporting to them as well, or if the SSN issues caused any problems.


I'll report back next week, just seems odd to me EQ never had a SSN for me, but had all my other info... especially since my CCC has been reporting everything perfectly accurately to the other 2 CRAs.