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Re: Equifax doesn't have my SSN on file?
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mrnerok wrote:

i had the same issue with them last week. rep told me my information needed to be updated and to fax over doc's. faxed them and now i'm still waiting. anyone one else run into this problem with equifax?

So here's what has happened to me so far, please note this is probably about 15-20 calls total since I started trying (about a month ago).


Long story short, I was never able to view my EQ CR.  I thought it was strange, but didn't really care, since I was and still am just getting started (only 19).  After thinking about applying for some credit cards (currently only have 1 active line of credit, which is a Discover CC), I ordered my scores from here.  Again, came back with no enough info for my EQ CR, so I called myFICO CS.  They told the the SSN I was providing wasn't matching up with what EQ had on file for me.  In other words, I gave my real SSN, and they were comparing it to a blank in EQ's system, so of course they didn't match.


After contacting EQ, I was told to fax a copy of my SSN card to them.  Waited 10 business days only to learn they never received it and that the rep (even though I verified the number 3 times) gave me the incorrect department.  I find it strange they can't just forward it to the correct department, anyways, wasted 2 weeks, and wasn't any closer to solving the issue.  After receiving the new fax, I was told to call back the next day to verify they received it.  After calling back the next day, I was told it will take 3-4 business days, and that I'll have to wait (again, wrong info from previous rep about time frame).


SO today I call (4th business day), and much to my surprise they actually received and verified my fax, except EQ can't actually update any info on my EQ CR, I need to go through a third party, CSC Credit, to do so.  Does that make any sense? No, but whatever. After calling the number they gave me for CSC, it was disconnected.  Called EQ back to get the correct number, and the rep tells me they never received my fax (even though the rep 10 minutes before said he was holding it in his hand).  Hung up on the rep.  Called back, got a rep and what a surprise, confirmed again they did indeed receive it and gave me a new number for CSC.  Called that and it was simply a recording to visit their website.  Called EQ back for a 4th time in 20 minutes, went though my story, after confirming their received the fax, gave me a third number for CSC (hilarious, right?).


Call the number and instantly get a live person.  Goes through my info, and says it looks like my report was being managed by a different department within CSC Credit than the one I called, so she transferred me over.  Spoke to another person who verified my info again, and told me EQ had not forwarded them the faxed info, so she couldn't update anything. Going through my head at this point is what the hell is the purpose of faxing EQ anything directly when I could just fax it straight to CSC Credit, anyways, so we continue.


I call EQ back for a 7th time in an hour span of time, after confirming my info and that they received my fax, rep puts me on hold again for even longer and then comes back (he actually sounded like he knew what he was talking about), and told me to have the CSC Credit rep pull up my file and scans of the faxed info I sent will be attached to my file, and they can view them and then update my info.  At this point I had to go to work, so hopefully I'm down to making one last phone call tomorrow, and I'll be good to go.




On a side note, I'll post the direct numbers to EQ and CSC Credit, along with the correct fax number tomorrow if you want.  It will help you avoid the runaround from EQ like they gave to me.