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Re: Equifax doesn't have my SSN on file?
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I just accessed my EQ CR for the first time ever today!!!!!! Wow, it feels amazing to finally be done with this.


So, after contacting CSC Credit Services again (yesterday), they still told me EQ hadn't attached the faxed documents to my credit file, which means they couldn't update anything.  Instead, the CSC rep just asked if I wanted to fax it directly to them, which I said yes.  I called them back this morning, and they said they had already received the fax and updated my info, minutes after that I was able to pull my CR from for the first time ever (luckily there were no surprises on it).




I basically wasted a month messing with EQ, and the great part is, EQ can't even update or make ANY changes to my file, whatsoever, only CSC can, so why I was even dealing with EQ directly is beyond me.  20 some phone calls, where EQ kept telling me I faxed to the wrong department, called the wrong department, etc.  It took 10 minutes on the phone with a CSC rep and I was done.


Here's the contact info for EQ and CSC Credit Services:


EQ (goes straight to a live person, they'll ask for a confirmation number, simply tell them they never gave you one and they'll still help):


1 (877) 784-2528


EQ Fax (this is the only department that can actually do anything in regards to updating personal info on file/forward it on):


1 (888) 826-0573


If your credit file is with CSC Credit Services, you might as well skip EQ completely, and just speak directly with CSC.  Their reps are actual native English speakers, and they know what they're doing, unlike EQ reps.


To determine if your credit file is maintained by CSC, simply call 1 (800) 555-4544, and enter your ZIP code followed by #.  If your file is maintained by them, it will give you a phone tree (hang up at this point because you can't speak to CS through that line).  If your file is not maintained by CSC, it will tell you exactly who does, so if it is EQ, unfortunately you will have to go through them directly using the above contact info.


If your file is maintained by CSC, good news, it means it will take less than 48 hours to update everything and you'll be on your way.


CSC (this is not a call center line, this is a direct line that only a handful of people answer, so if you call multiple times in the same day, chances are you will speak with the same person, usually there is no hold whatsoever, but even if there is, it is usually brief):


1 (800) 272-9281


When you call the number above, simply tell them EQ told you to contact them to update your SSN, they'll ask you for some info to pull up your file, and then they should ask you if you want their direct fax number, if they don't, simply request you fax it to them and not EQ.  The number above also isn't their CS line, so chances are the person you speak with will have to transfer you to their CS to get the actual info or fax number, THIS IS FINE.  Their actual CS line is the 4544 number you already called, but there is no way to speak to the CSRs through that phone tree, so that's why you call the 9281 number instead and get transferred directly to a CSR (thus skipping the phone tree).


CSC Fax: 1 (281) 504-0667


DO NOT JUST FAX YOUR INFO RANDOMLY BEFORE CALLING.  After speaking with whatever rep you speak with, you'll actually put ATTN [rep's name] on your fax.  This leads me to believe it is a small department if everyone is on a first name basis, but that's beside the point.


After you fax the info they ask for (usually a copy of DL and SSN), it may take up to 48 hours, however, mine was done in less than 24 hours.


If you have any other questions, just post here.  Otherwise, GOOD LUCK!