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Re: Collection Notice from Time Warner

Three options:

1.  Send a DV, thus immediately preventing reporting of the collection until such time as they provide verfication.

2.  Make a "pay for not reporting" offer, and wait for acceptance.

3.  Pay, and hope that they dont report after payment


Option 1 has the benefit of forstalling credit reporting until they verify the debt, but also precludes you from negotiation due to the cease collection bar it imposes.

Option 2 has the benefit of getting a commitment in writing, but does not require their acceptance or prevent reporting.

Option 3 has the benefit of immediate payment, thus closing the debt.


Which to pursue is a personal choice. 

Personally, since verification does not seem to be a major concern, I would first attempt option 2, but by calling them rather than doing it in writing.  Not knowing how imminent their reporting might be, I would get a real person on the phone and begin solid negotiations.

An additional issue in any pay for not reporting negotiation will be how much you offer as payment.