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Re: Anyone received a personal loan lately?

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copy/paste from my 2012 credit challenge journal.  The two red entries are from a personal loan and motorcycle loan from my CU. They even used the same CR for both loan approvals.  At the time of this entry, I don't believe (without reading through earlier entries) I had any GW success other than Amex.  So at this point I had a repo, a 30 day, and 3 collections at time of loan(s) approval.


4/4/2012 Was able to get a 1k loan @ 9%. Was placed into my savings account and the monthly payments will be drawn each month on the 15th.  1 year loan and we’ll re-app for another 12mo. Loan at the end of this one, so that a revolving debt remains active on file. MyFICO for TU was 664, the CU pulled TU and it came back 627. MyFICO for EQ was 617, the CU pulled EQ and it came back 627.

4/4/2012 App, which resulted in a HP of both EQ and TU.  Not yet sure on approval. Was for $1500 CL.

4/4/2012 Lady from Comcast advised that they will not be able to remove collection from CRs.

4/5/2012 USAA CMS alerted me to TU pull from yesterday.

4/5/2012 Gentlemen from Brighthouse networks called back, just as the lady from comast just above, to advise they were not allowed to remove the neg. TL.

4/6/2012 Sent out GW letter to Bright House Pres. Sent out dispute letter to CPA for Bright House acct.

4/7/2012 EQ FICO score up to 635 and SW says it has to do with a 30day either not found or missing

4/8/2012 Received a call from Brighthouse Networks Corp. office in Syracuse NY.  Nice lady wanted to verify my info, so she could further help.

4/10/2012 Received a call from the same gentlemen from BHN.  Apparently the lady from NY contacted him, not knowing him and I had already spoken. He wanted to make sure he addressed my concern in our previous talks. That’s why I sent the letter to the CEO; he didn’t address my concerns to the fullest.  But alas, no GW removal.

4/16/12 MyFICO alert – EQ FICO dropped down from 635 to 624

4/18/12 Applied through my local CU for a motorcycle loan.  (Instead of their CC). App’d for 10k, they came back with an offer of $8500 + 10% of my own monies or $850.  I found a bike for $3500, so hoping for 100% financing on it, so I can pick it up today.

I so wish I had kept a journal like this!!!!! I would love to look back and see my steps. It might would help in times if frustration, which seems to be plentiful at the end.

Ya, it's been a great source of motivation. It's never to late to start now, unless you've already fully rebuilt or just waiting for last items to fall-off.


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