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Re: GW letter, Email address

Flying_High wrote:

Hello, can someone get the email address that I need its for me to take some Inquiries off of my CR see at the time I had no credit when I applied now that I have credit I want to see if they can take 3 denied CC Inquiries from, American Express, WEBBANK/BML, Bank of America<----BOA denied me online in mins after I had my CapOne card for 6 months now they say im approved for their secured card... I need Email address so i can email them...thanks

If I had that, I wouldn't do anything. The inquiries are legit and should be reporting. It's a cost of applying. And let's say you do e-mail Amex, BofA, and others. There's a chance someone might miscue it and have it disputed on your behalf thinking it isn't yours, which could result in a fraud alert or even an account closure (very rare). I'll also add that inquiry damage is overrated per FICO. You are more apt to feel a ding when the first one or two are added. If these three are removed and others remain, you likely wouldn't see any score improvement. Plus FICO ignores them after 12 months anyway with any damage disappearing over time up to that point. I used to worry about them too. I used to have 30 each on EX and EQ and 7-10 on TU at my apping zenith. But as they were added, I never lost any points. As the anniversary hit, I didn't gain any points (except on the birthdays of any new accts). IMO, more trouble than what it's worth.