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I just received an email from USAA stating, on October 9, 2012, USAA will no longer be providing daily reports, only monthly.  This is going to kill my new addiction of checking my reports daily Smiley Sad   Here is what it said:



"Thank you for trusting Experian to provide you with industry-leading credit monitoring services. In order to continue to provide USAA members with competitive features and rates, CreditCheck Monitoring Premium will be undergoing a few changes on 10/9/2012.

Based on member feedback and usage, we determined that members actually need fewer full credit reports but more frequent updates on changes. With that in mind, here's what's changing:

Credit Reports will be available once per month, instead of on an unlimited basis. This frequency meets the needs of the vast majority of members. For those seeking unlimited credit reports, please contact Experian at 1-866-751-1320.

New! Score Alerts will be monitored and delivered to you twice per month, instead of only once per month. This helps you know when your credit score has changed.

New! Monthly Credit Report Statements will consolidate relevant credit report and score information in one easy-to-read summary.

Starting Score: ex: 501 eq: 492 tu: 522
Current Score: ex: 651 eq: 633 tu: 662
Goal Score: 750 across the board

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