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Changes to USAA Credit Service Make it WORTHLESS

I was STUNNED to get this message from the fine folks at Experian today about changes to the USAA Creditcheck Monitoring Premium program:


Thank you for trusting Experian to provide you with industry-leading credit monitoring services. In order to continue to provide USAA members with competitive features and rates, CreditCheck Monitoring Premium will be undergoing a few changes on 10/9/2012.

Based on member feedback and usage, we determined that members actually need fewer full credit reports but more frequent updates on changes. With that in mind, here's what's changing:

Credit Reports will be available once per month, instead of on an unlimited basis. This frequency meets the needs of the vast majority of members. For those seeking unlimited credit reports please contact Experian at...


New! Score Alerts will be monitored and delivered to you twice per month, instead of only once per month. This helps you know when your credit score has changed.


Note, this is all for the same money we once paid for unlimited access to all three reports. Some observations:


1) This change makes the program completely worthless. The value of this deal is in the ability to access information on all three credit reports at any time. Those engaged in credit repair need the ability to see their reports more often than once per month. Most people in the program, meanwhile, probably do not access their credit reports often. But that doesn't suggest that sending one report a month "meets the needs" of these consumers. Indeed, I pay for knowing that I can access all my reports at any time. There is security in that. That is what I pay for.


2) Sending me score changes twice per month is beyond useless. First and foremost, under the old program, I can check my score everyday if I wanted to. Second, the are FAKO scores and hold no value. Most importantly, you show me a score change, what's the first thing I want to do? Pull a report. Which I now have to pay extra for if I've already gotten my one monthly report.


I'll be ditching this service, which, I have to say, I very much liked,because it let me see what was on all three reports at any time. I never paid attention to the scores, they are FAKO, but the security of knowing I could see what was going on at any point was excellent. And, the bald pretentiousness of the message--that giving me a dramatically scaled-back product for my money because research shows that's all I need--enrages me. You want to raise the price, hey, take shot. I'll listen. But to change the game completely and pitch it as a change that benefits me is shady.