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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

Totally shocked to see this in my inbox. I don't believe that customers want "more frequent updates on changes" instead of daily pullls. They're *supposed to* alert us whenever there is a change right now anyway. So, what does more frequent updated mean?! (Though, I seldom get alerts from them, even with changed on my CR.)


I do believe this is a cost-saving measure. I will most definitely be canceling this service unless they keep the daily pulls. while I don't pull daily, I do check it a few times a month, and want to be able to check it when I want without being limited to once a month. That is not worth $12.25 a month. 


(Plus the fact that their accts are screwed up and some of my CCs report on 3 different lines - one for each CRA. It makes it very confusing to review, but I put up with it because if the daily pulls.) Big bummer! 

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