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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

adavis425 wrote:

Repo-ed wrote:

I just called to cancel my plan last week, as I no longer need the pulls myself, so they reduced me to $6/mo unl. pulls from the 3 CRA until Sept. 2013.


So this time next year, I'll make the determination as to whether or not I'll cancel them for good.

Repo-ed, I think yo misunderstand. The discounted rate is for the service as it will be as of 10/09/12 not the unlimited service that we have today. I just got off the phone with Sandy at USAA who also discounted my rate. The unlimited service after 10/09 will be $15 per month until 10/2013 when the discount expires. So for $6, you will be getting one pull per month, not unlimited. That's crap, right? I may be shopping for another service.


Just saw the email as well, I think I will wait til Oct 9 before I call to cancel