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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

p- wrote:

llecs wrote:.. BTW, there are three known out there that allow for daily pulls...


I looked up the AMEX one; it's $1.00 for the first month, then 14.99 a month after that.  It ends up being a couple bucks more than the USAA one was, but that's probably the route I'll take.

I clicked on the Amex link just to make sure it was still good and it wasn't loading. I know it exists, but maybe my link is bad. As of February anyway, the price was the $15/mo, but for $10 more you can upgrade to daily pulls as opposed to monthly I think. But it was $25 if you wanted daily. Unfortunately, I'm not a part of Amex's family anymore. Smiley Sad