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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??

I just called to cancel mine as well, figuring I'd take the discounted rate and see if I still feel there is any benefit at all for the first couple months.  I've done about all the cleanup I can do for now anyway with no intention of applying for any new credit until Feb or March when I ask for a lower interest rate on my car loan.  The only baddies floating out there are the ones I'm already aware of and I'm marking time until they fall off in a year or 2 (unless I HAVE to do something with them sooner).


The rep asked me why I signed up... Because I needed the frequent report pulls and alerts of changes to moniter what i was doing.

Then asked why i wanted to cancel... because I won't be able to pull it daily or weekly as needed.


Rep:  "Well, you know you'll be able to get updates on your scores more frequently as well as change alerts"

Me:  "The scores are useless, they're not FICO scores.  The value of the service was in accessing the information on my report as needed and that service will no longer be available"

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