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Re: No more unlimited pulls with USAA Credit Check Monitoring Premium??
My GF and I have USAA. I was offered a rate of 50% off which is $6.12 per month and then $9.95 for unlimited pulls so that's not horrible, and I will keep it until discount expires, but my GF called in and dude did not even offer a discount so $23 a month is too much..she has better credit and she does not need it that bad. I'm rebuilding so for me its still worth it....she can use CK if she needs to or she has Amex she can get it with them. Funny how they are talking about frequent score updates....umm what's scores....the FAKO???? Why would I pay $23 a month for that if I get free FICO from TU from walmart and I can monthly pull EQ with FICO from here for $3 cheaper and more information...
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