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Re: USAA CMS just got Gimped!!

DaveSignal wrote:

llecs wrote:

I cancelled the service for EIDT in the spring (oh, the irony) and at that time it still was a daily puller for all 3 reports. Aside from EIDT, the alternatives are AlertPlus (like USAA's CMS but only for Merrill Lynch CC holders) and Amex CS (unlimited plan).

Why did you cancel it?  Is there something wrong with the EIDT service?


Nothing was wrong at all. USAA was slightly cheaper. There was also a EIDT spammer on here and he rubbed off on me all wrong. And you have to open 3 different windows and log in 3 times in order to access the service. But other than that, EIDT was fine. The service is like the old TrueCredit format but uses TransRisk instead of Vantage. Reports are easy to read too.