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Re: RIP USAA Creditcheck Monitoring Unlimited

MontegoMack wrote:

Could someone please remind me why one would cancel if they are enjoying the service?


Their price went up and now it's not a discount, but rather a competitive price (see AMEX CMS). Actually, the service becomes competively priced based on other CMS's and if you want more services, you can pay for it - an extra $9.99/mo for a pull every day.


Gosh, I hope i'm not missing something here.


* Edited to be more specific.

Well, when you raise the price point for a service by 60%, many people will object and re-evaluate the value of the service compared to the price.  I reacted to this the same way I reacted when netflix did the same thing, I ran the numbers.  For my wife and I to still have unlimited pulls (the ONLY feature I use) it is almost 50 bucks a month, or 600 bucks a year.  That equates to the hotel cost of a 3 day weekend at the ocean.

I'd rather go to the ocean.

I don't blame USAA; if anything, the rep was courteous, helpful, and nice.  And I'm sure there was some kind of cost increase behind the scenes from Experian that prompted the price change.  But right now I am finding ways to trim expenses.  I've cancelled Blockbuster DVD service, reduced my DirecTV to the base package, cancelled my Gym membership, dropped XM Radio (that was a pain), and am looking for more ways to cut.  So they popped up with the price increase at the perfect time.

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