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Re: Success Stories and Encouragement

All, I just wanted to touch base with the community and the "new comers" on my current acheivments! I have been with this forum since 08/08/2012 (not long at all); however, I want to share what this forum has helped me accomplish. I never truly "cared" about credit but knew I wanted IT! After getting married Aug 26, 2011; I took over my families financies and vowed to clear any and all derogs that held us back in getting HIGH CLI or credit in I came here and anytime at work, late at night, after the little one was in bed. I would sneak on here and read up on varies tactics, surf the net and conduct my own research on how I would start my journey. I started with my credit 1st since I can honestly say it was the worst. I had 5 CA, 1 30 day late, 2 60-day late, 5 paid charge-0ff from 2006-08), 1 default SL, 1 CO and thats it I think.


I make excellent money but like many never was taught the true meaning of not spending/living above your means and the importance of credit. As I fastworward to when I came to this forum as I stated I researched and read mulitple postings that fit my needs. I was able to GW all but 1 paid-CO, remove all but 1 lates (60-day late), waiting for the SL to be updated in the next month to reflect pays as agreed; current after completing a "rehab" program last yr with the Dept of Ed, 1 CA removed and the 1 CO disputing as we speak. I took all the advice and we joined PSECU this month; today going to NFCU (the most credit rebuilding happy CUs in my area from what I have been told) and start our a path to success.


This journey has been rewarding and beneficial to my family. After repair my "issues" next is my husbands. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and provided sound valuable advice...Thanks for sharing the wealth of knowledge you have gained along your journey.


If any one need advice or support (cause it can be stressful and addictive) please reach out!

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